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I decided to make ebook copies of my stories! Check them out!

There is also a new look to the site as you can tell!


Hurricane Irma

Please excuse any misspellings, I’m typing this out on my phone.

So, my family and I survived hurricane Irma. We did good. Half our fence is gone. One of our palm trees in our backyard fell into the neighbor’s yard. No damage was done to him. We have no power, but we do have a generator. I can charge my phone and tablet. I have no wifi, and my cell service is insanely slow. However, I can still write, which I will be on my tablet. I will not post any chapters or stories until I have power and wifi again.

So, please, be patient. Thank you!

–Jenna Tee

Heads up!

Hello my loves!

I just wanted to give you and update on what’s going on with my stories.

As you all know I put a poll out to see which one of my WIPs you wanted me to focus on the most. So far…Star-Crossed Twilight is winning.

I have also started two new stories…

Gateway to Love – which is a crossover between Twilight & Stargate (SG1 and Atlantis, with the pairing being Bella/Ronon Dex.

The other new story, I don’t have a title for yet, but it’s a crossover between Twilight & Sons of Anarchy, the pairing being Bella/Tig.

Now, PLEASE BE PATIENT. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND. I write on my time. I will be completing other WIPs first before these two are posted. Here is the order in which they are priority wise.

  1. Star-Crossed Twilight (Twilight/Star-crossed, Bella/Roman) – MAY BE TURNED INTO A ONE-SHOT
  2. Charming Outlaw’s Angel (Twilight/SOA, Bella/Jax) – MAY BE TURNED INTO A ONE-SHOT
  3. Feral Daughter (Twilight/Xmen) – MAY BE TURNED INTO A ONE-SHOT
  4. Gateway to Love (Twilight/Stargate, Bella/Ronon)
  5. Bella’s Scarecrow – Working title, may be changed later (Twilight/SOA, Bella/Tig)
  6. True Shaman (Twilight, Bella/Seth) – SIDE PROJECT
  7. Unheard Mate (Teen Wolf, Scott/OFC) – SIDE PROJECT

Now, that is the list of priority, however, I am participating in Camp Nano this month, with Gateway to Love being my project for that. So, please, I can’t stress this enough, BE PATIENT WITH ME.

*Coming Soon* Gateway to Love


Title: Gateway to Love

Fandom: Twilight/Stargate (SG1 & Atlantis)

Pairing: Eventual Bella/Ronon Dex

Summary: Finding out vampires and shape-shifters exist? No big deal. Finding out about the Stargate, other planets, and aliens? That should be no surprise. When Edward leaves, and Jacob abandons here, Charlie sends Bella to stay with her Uncle, Colonel Jack O’Neill, in Colorado, after she graduates. There, she learns about the Stargate, and joins the team. When they find Atlantis, she joins the Atlantis team and finds love. The Egyptians called the Stargate ‘Doorway to Heaven’. For Bella, it was the Gateway to Love.

Need more focus!

Hey guys, I’ve kind of realized that I need a little more focus. So, I need to know which of the three fics below you’d rather me focus on the most! Vote below!

<noscript><a href=””>Which one of my WIPs would you all rather me focus on?</a></noscript>

Small Break, Ear Infection

Hey everyone,

Please don’t be mad at me. I know I’m way behind on the 12 Days of Christmas Series. I even took down the 2 fics I had for it.

I had every intention of doing the series. However, I’ve been sick lately. I know an ear infection isn’t life threatening lol. But it’s painful, and when you’re in pain you have trouble concentrating. Not to mention being sleep deprived from the pain.

For now, I wont be writing until this infection is gone. I just can’t concentrate on any story.

I’m sorry all. Please be patient!

–Jenna Tee

No Set Schedule

Lately people have been asking over and over again if I’m going to update or when I’m going to update….

I don’t have a set schedule for updating. I don’t want to put pressure on myself by having a schedule unless I’m doing a contest. I write because I love it. I choose to share it with people but I refuse to be on a schedule.

Here’s what I’m going to do from now on. If I’m writing a multi-chapter story, I will post the first chapter to see how you all like it and if I should keep it going. After that first chapter you won’t see another one until the story it COMPLETE. After that point I will post a chapter a week but only when the story is COMPLETE.

Currently, I don’t have any stories that are complete so you’ll have to be patient.

–Jenna Tee

Twilight/Harry Potter Crossover Poll

Heya Lovelies. I’ve been semi working on an idea for a Twilight/Harry Potter fic. I’d like you guys to vote below on who Bella should be paired with. There are only two choices for this one, so choose one of the two please. Rabastan LeStrange or Fenrir Greyback. Bella will be evil in this one.