Please Respect The Writers

I’ve talked about this topic before, and it seems I’m going to do it again.

People who don’t write, but do read fanfiction. Some of them love to complain to the writer that they don’t post enough or quick enough. Some of them even get quite nasty about it. Now that’s just rude and disrespectful.

We don’t have to post what we write. We could just write and keep it all to ourselves. I even have a few pieces that I will never post for personal reasons. We choose to post because of our readers. However, when some readers start being jerks about our posting schedules, we tend to lose interest in writing.

Life happens. Sometimes we just don’t have time to write or post. Some writers have spouses, kids, jobs, etc in real life. Sometimes the writer doesn’t have time to write or post for a few months because of real life.

Sometimes writers like myself suffer from anxiety and depression. Either everything we write is too dark or depressing to ever post, or we just can’t bring ourselves to write anything.

Sometimes we have writer’s block. It happens.

I have one writer, I love her work, she hasn’t posted anything in months, but I knew she had a spouse, kids, and a job in real life. Over the last few days, she’s been posting like crazy. New story, several chapters to on going stories. She showed us that while she was writing, she just didn’t have time to sit down and post. Then she sent out a note, defending herself, WHICH SHE SHOULDN’T HAVE TO DO. She was defending herself because people were complaining that she hasn’t posted in months. If you’re really a fan of her work, you’d understand and respect her life. Period.

There is another writer that I love. She only posted on She was getting nasty messages about her posting schedule. She’s in school. EVERYONE knows how school can be. How hectic it can get. She tore down everything from her account. Her stories, her faves, her profile, even disabled private messaging. I don’t think she posts anywhere else. I don’t even know if she’s writing anymore. DISRESPECTFUL PEOPLE CAUSED HER TO JUST QUIT!

Please for the love of God, keep in mind that we all have things going on in our lives outside of fiction. That is always a priority over fiction. Be respectful to the writers and their lives.


5 thoughts on “Please Respect The Writers

  1. Reblogged this on Kittyinaz and commented:
    I support this completely. There is much that can cause us to not to post. Especially when battling depression. I know it’s hard to get up some days much less write. We give you guys what we can for free….

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  2. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Do I get have a oh come the fuck on at the end of a story I’m really into that I noticed haven’t been worked on in awhile to myself absolutely I am only human. However I would never badger the writer or write something nasty to them. I still leave a positive review thanking them for what they did and showing appreciation I save it or subscribe depending on the site and move on. I have had a number of authors decide to come back to a story and try to finish it based off of continued positive reviews even years After they stopped writing. Considering I have a job, house, 2 active kids, a husband that pulls me all over the place making reading difficult I can imagine how it’d make writing difficult. So for those people that get upset jeez for the love of God save the darn story and move on to something else or better yet don’t read in WIP and save the rest of us the trouble of you chasing away awesome writers.

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